Forget Keys to your Heart. This Valentines, we need a Heart Key Called Nymi


The Nymi is the first wearable authentication technology in the form of a heart-sensing wristband that allows users to take control of your identity through cardiac rhythm recognition. If this truly works, we now don’t need to fumble with multiple passwords, pins and locks. Automatic, non-transferable authentication.

Indeed, just wave your hand in front of a sensor, and you will be granted access, provided you are well and alive with a beating heart.


Why? Because the Nymi tracks cardiac rhythm. Which is all very well, because now the old-school methods of chopping off someone’s hand for a thumbprint scan or stealing an eyeball for an eye-scan would simply not work.

Let’s think outside the box for the other applications the Nymi would have apart from secure transactions and unlocking doors:

Truancy would be a thing of the past 
If schools were to implement a Nymi heart tracking system for lectures, there would be no way one can get a friend to mark your attendance by taking your ID and tapping you in. Finally, a whole lecture room of thirsty minds and beating hearts. Same thing applies to all work places with tap-in cards.

No fumbling with switching one device on after another in the same room
Like Dumbledore in the modern world, just wave your arm to summon your iPad, iPhone, TV, Set-top box and air-conditioning awake all at once upon your entrance into the room. All made possible with the proximity based technology in the Nymi.

Hospitals can now better prioritize who to attend to in the A&E section
Given that having a Nymi on all the patients is akin to wiring up everyone with heart monitors without the hassle, the hospital staff can now truly differentiate who really needs medical attention, as opposed to a patient pretending to have a cardiac arrest just to get to see the doctor first.

Another step in the age of wearable technology.


Netatmo June – Beauty x Wearable Technology


NOW TRACKING, SUN EXPOSURE | Designed by the minds behind Louis Vuitton x Harry Winston, wearable technology now comes in the form of jewelry. Worn as a necklace here. Illustration by Techdonalds, backdrop by Netatmo

IT WAS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME BEFORE WE SAW THE CONVERGENCE OF THE BEAUTY INDUSTRY AND WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY, and we are already seeing this with the launch of June by Netatmo, a sun exposure tracker masquerading as bold metallic jewel (available in gold, platinum or gunmetal). The UV sensor piece then sends information on UV exposure to the dedicated iPhone app, which cuts the data and comes up with recommendations on sun protection. Which is all very well – imagine the monetisation opportunities that come with it:
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Is Sex Now More Awesome with the Google Glass?


OK GLASS, IT’S TIME | Google Glass meets Sex with Glass – as worn here. Illustration by Techdonalds

OF COURSE WE SEE WEARABLE TECH TAKING OFF IN THE NEAR FUTURE, and what better way to jump start adoption through application to the most carnal of human habits? According to the founders of the much-hyped ‘Sex with Glass‘ app, the app will allow wearers to control mood settings, adjusted by voice activated light controls, and also have a virtual Kama-sutra guru dole on advice when you need some.

One thing that might need to change though – the name ‘Sex with Glass’ does sound dangerous.
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