Is Sex Now More Awesome with the Google Glass?


OK GLASS, IT’S TIME | Google Glass meets Sex with Glass – as worn here. Illustration by Techdonalds

OF COURSE WE SEE WEARABLE TECH TAKING OFF IN THE NEAR FUTURE, and what better way to jump start adoption through application to the most carnal of human habits? According to the founders of the much-hyped ‘Sex with Glass‘ app, the app will allow wearers to control mood settings, adjusted by voice activated light controls, and also have a virtual Kama-sutra guru dole on advice when you need some.

One thing that might need to change though – the name ‘Sex with Glass’ does sound dangerous.

The other thing they might want to change is the command: ‘Ok Glass, give me ideas’ – not the most sexy thing to do when one has no idea what to do. Imagine the ungainly moment when the app does dole out an idea, and the uninitiated wearer spends the next five minutes trying to unsuccessfully execute on the advice.

Lastly, having both parties wear their respective Google Glasses is akin to having two remote controls held by two people, in the same room, watching the same screen. If each wants to watch their respective channels… not going to be fun.

Check out the more practical (and less awkward) applications for Google Glass here:


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