Netatmo June – Beauty x Wearable Technology


NOW TRACKING, SUN EXPOSURE | Designed by the minds behind Louis Vuitton x Harry Winston, wearable technology now comes in the form of jewelry. Worn as a necklace here. Illustration by Techdonalds, backdrop by Netatmo

IT WAS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME BEFORE WE SAW THE CONVERGENCE OF THE BEAUTY INDUSTRY AND WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY, and we are already seeing this with the launch of June by Netatmo, a sun exposure tracker masquerading as bold metallic jewel (available in gold, platinum or gunmetal). The UV sensor piece then sends information on UV exposure to the dedicated iPhone app, which cuts the data and comes up with recommendations on sun protection. Which is all very well – imagine the monetisation opportunities that come with it:

JUNE by NETATMO App goes –

“Warning: your sun exposure is now entering sun-burn levels. Lather up with more sunscreen now! Out of sunscreen? We scanned the shops within 500m of your current coordinates and have found xx brand Super SPF Protection Lotion at Macy’s, going for 20% off today!”


“Protect your eyes – excessive sun exposure causes irreversible damage to your corneas. Instead of staring at the Netatmo app and worrying, why not run into the xx Sunglass Store just 100m ahead and purchase the swanky pair of Tom Ford aviators today?”

Imagine the possibilities now – sun sensors in jewelry connected to clothing that amps up UV protection when activated, pollution sensors in your custom-made H1N1 mask for days when the city pollution is literally too much to handle, and cocktail rings that shoot infra-red beams into a perpetrator’s eyes when it senses heightened adrenanline levels in the wearer. The opportunities are endless, and appealing to a market with high disposable income for affordable luxury, and low tolerance for the wrinkles and age spots that come with sun exposure? WIN.


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